Why Buy a LittleCloud

What makes LittleCloud so unique and so singular?

1-Legendary Pitch Stability!

The Pitch Stability of any LC wing is unlike anything you’ve experienced.
Unless you fly acrobatics, Pitch only makes the glider more demanding to control, and more dramatic in flying incidents.
Pitch stability doesn’t prevent a wing from being bitey in the thermal.

2-Large Brake Travel!

At LC we find ways to keep handling precise and direct while having huge brake travel.
We believe that brake travel must be as long as possible to prevent from over piloting his wing.
This makes the wing less demanding and safer!


A LC wing doesn’t pull, even in strong wind during the inflation.
The technique to use is slightly different from the “pull and catch” from most wings on the market.
Our gliders react precisely and instantly to the pilot’s inputs, from the ground to the top. Fast, slow, the pilot decides.
This helps smoother and less stressy takeoffs, even in strong wind.

4-Light by Essence!

Our wings have been light from the beginning.
We focus on optimizing everything on the design. We put a lot of effort to understand the root of the problems and solve them, without having to use complicated solutions (Mini ribs, 3D shaping…).
Our understanding of how to control the internal pressure enables us to control skin tensions without using extra structure.
This gives our gliders a very simple construction: lighter and cheaper by essence.

5-Fair Prices!

No certification, very reduced marketing, and very efficient company management allows us to keep fair prices with no compromise on the quality and safety.
We don’t spend thousands of Euros to get a paper that states the class of our wings.
We spend a lot of time testing the wing in all conditions which allows us to dedicate wings to the right pilots and know exactly how the gliders behave in real life situations.


We love flying! We want to enjoy any opportunities to fly! Therefore, we design gliders that are extremely fun, intuitive, and safe to fly.
This allows you to only focus on having a good time!
From Miniwings to regular size Paragliders, we offer all flying style, for all level of pilots.


When you buy a LC, you enter a big family of super enthusiastic pilots, all over the world sharing the same flying philosophy!

8-A company with a real soul!

We have a solid and straight line since the beginning!
Our philosophy is not to create products to win competition, but to have the maximum enjoyment!
We produce gear with a real and singular character that you won’t find anywhere else.
They stand for our values in flying: safety, fun, straight forward in use and as performant as the safety allows to!

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