Soaring is a discipline of flying, just like Hike&Fly and Cross Country flying.

A dune, a hill, a bit of wind and there you go! From sitting in the sky, enjoying the view,
to wingtip dragging or hopping all around, soaring is one great way to get a lot of airtime and have fun.

The Puffin is the soaring-dedicated range of LittleCloud. Successor to the Baby/Mini/Super/MegaGoose,
it combines all our experience in Mini-Wing Design over the last 12 years with our latest development from the Paragliding side.

We gathered thousands of hours of use on the TurboSoaring Range thanks to the Soaring Freaks community in the Netherlands.

This unique Glider range in the free-flying world has put so many smiles on so many faces all over the world.

As always at LittleCloud, we made a point to release a glider that surpasses its predecessor!

We used the Gracchio Mk2 as the working base, with some specific changes in the design to cope with the higher wing-loading.

With fewer cells, The Puffin is more balanced and more accessible.

Still, thanks to our incredible airfoil, wind penetration and efficiency have reached an incredible level.

Handling wise, you will experience real precision and progressivity!

Aspect ratio varies a bit along the sizes to keep the performance/accessibility/safety at its maximum.

Thanks to our unequaled experience in Mini-wings, this glider remains extremely accessible and tolerant for a lot of pilots, even though the technical data can look a bit extreme for such sizes/wingloadings. 

The Puffin will provide as much fun as you’re willing to stand!

Pilots will choose their size according to the wind range they want to fly, bearing in mind that strong wind flying is not made easier or safer by the glider but mainly by the pilot’s skills!

The Puffin has LittleCloud DNA: pitch stable, sharp and precise handling, large brake range before stall points, extremely intuitive, important passive safety…

We implemented some new features specifically designed for using the glider in the sand: 
A sand draining system allows sand to move out to the tips where it bleeds out through specific dirt outs.

We use ObritBlocks from Ronstan for the brake pulley as they seem to be the best solution against sand abuse. 
Oh and by the way, you can use it for Hike and Fly or thermalling too 😉 It’s working as well!

Puffin Bi

The Puffin Bi is the tandem version of the Puffin.
A great toy to share soaring in moderate to strong conditions.
Incredible performance, absolute glide feeling, It’s a machine that has no competitors around!
No lift during the rise.
Load tested.

Compare to the Bidule 31/S, it’s offering more efficiency, more speed and a larger flying range!
Delivered with a carrying stuff bag, Carbon spreader bars and a pair of maillons.

Passive safety
Hike & Fly
Xc Capacity
Charts compare




Passive safety
Hike & Fly
Xc Capacity

*Some colors are only available for certain sizes

Top & Bottom: Dominico 20D
Ribs: Dominico 30D

Lower: Edelrid 7850 dyneema
Mid: 7850 dyneema sheathed
Upper: Edelrid 7850 dyneema sheathed