Every winter, Tom and Marcinha migrate to Brazil to keep flying, testing, gathering experience…
One of their bases is located in Bahia, in the famous Chapada Diamantina.
They have a very un-frequented take off, only reachable after a pretty hard hike in the jungle.
Take off is very small cliff spot, Tom could barely lay his Urubu King L there.
Thermals are very generous, scenery fantastic… a little flying paradise…

Just before heading back to Brazil, Tom made 2 prototypes (17 and 19.5m2) of a glider that could make the whole experience more fun. The requirements were: small, light, very safe (using a rescue chute above the jungle is definitely a no go!), good performance to reach landing and enjoy the sky, fun…
At the first flight, it was a revelation… the hike was much easier with 5kg backpack, take-off a piece of cake, the flight a dream … the only limitation they had was the cold catching them at the base after 1 hour of flying!
Because of how much fun they had, Tom decided to introduce it as a new range!
The SuperFly was born!

High goals were set up for this glider!
High performance, high security level, Light and compact, simple and of course super fun to fly!
It’s coming in 3 sizes: 17 -19.5 -22.5.

Luckily, we have gathered so much experience since 2008 on high loaded wings, especially since Tom focused on safety since day one.
The planform is a completely new on, with an aspect ratio of 5.5, 40 cells in total, mini-ribs on the trailing edge and 3 liners configuration.
The SuperFly uses the Urubu King airfoil for great efficiency.
The bridle is full unsheathed dyneema with a new line arrangement to optimise the internal structure.
Few supported cells are equipped with long nylon rods to increase the homogeneity of the canopy without altering its easy packing capacity.

The Glider is full 10D/27gr for optimum weight and packing volume.
No compromise on reinforcement, we didn’t want to save up few hundreds grams on this side at the cost of a lower durability.
Risers in 12mm Kevlar webbing, with speedbar and baby A for the big ears.
Some would ask why not going with Dyneema risers… the answer is simple: the gain in weight/volume is by far not enough (we talk about few grams!) compare to the loss of easy of use… the rigidity brought by the Kevlar webbing is a big benefit for the glider preparation.
It’s designed to be flew at a quite high wing loading.

As you can see, there is not sizes below 17m2. Tom chooses to keep a larger surface to optimize the take-off lift as well as the efficiency in thermal. It’ll keep also an excellent flare capacity at the landing!
The 17 will have the speed of a 16m2, the 19.5 a 18m2 and the 22.5 a 20m2.
The performances are stunning, it’s a delight to thermal as it accepts very good the low speed.
Transition are also at a quite high level, with a trim speed pretty high.
Handling is sharp and precise and the glider extremely agile, can turn in a dime!
It reminds a lot the good old Ginseng, in a much modern version though!
The pleasure delivered when flying it is extraordinary, really!
It’s coming with a light quick pack, enabling you to choose your perfect backpack for your specific adventures and keep the retail price lower.

The SuperFly is aimed for pilots with a bit of experience with Miniwing.
Although it has the legendary pitch stability from LittleCloud, it also delivers a lot of performance, therefore some more energy to deal with! We could say that depending on the wingload, the SuperFly is dedicated to pilot EN B or EN C type.
The glider is designed to be flown a bit loaded as you can see on the recommended AUW Chart. It’s a very versatile wing that is actually the perfect partner for traveling.
With good thermaling capacity, good wind penetration, fun handling, it can be used for soaring, hike and fly, small cross country (of course don’t expect to break the 200km range with it).

You got to try to believe how incredible this wing is! There is actually no wing on the market that get near to the SuperFly!
It is not really a Miniwing and it’s not as well a paraglider… We won’t call it hybrid, as it’s meaningless although it’s very fashion nowadays 😉
Sticking to the LC philosophy, we took real responsibility on the exemplary behaviour of this glider.

Passive safety
Hike & Fly
Xc Capacity
Charts compare




Passive safety
Hike & Fly
Xc Capacity

*Certaines couleurs ne sont disponible que dans certaines tailles

MODELE 17 19.5 22.5
FLAT AREA (m2) 17 19.5 22.5
FLAT AR 5.5 5.5 5.5
CELL COUNT 40 40 40
PTV 60/119 70/119 80/119
WEIGHT 2.6 2.8 3
CERTIFICATION EN 926-1 EN 926-1 EN 926-1
PRICE 3060€ 3060€ 3060€

10D dominicotex
27gr Porcher hard finish

DC 60-201 Lyros

10cm + baby A