Philosophy of LittleCloud

It all started in 2008… with Tom’s vision of being able to enjoy flying as much as possible, all year long, and with maximum pleasure, LittleCloud was born.

Pleasure, it seems, is something that is often lost in flying… because of the never-ending quest for performance and maximum distance.
It has become our mission and philosophy at LittleCloud to deny this quest and focus our efforts on creating products for a community of pilots that pursue the pleasure of flight.

LittleCloud creates products that are simple, easy to fly, and offer maximum possibilities to enjoy being in the sky.

Research and development is key at LittleCloud. We love that this gives us excuses to go out fly!
There is no miracle here, you only have to spend some time in the sky to find true inspiration.

We don’t focus on what the others are doing. We believe that if we are having fun with our products, other pilots will as well.

This makes our products pretty special.

There can be a big difference between inducing a collapse in calm air and getting one in harsh conditions.
Because of this, we believe that official certification is not a proof of security. It’s a statement made by an independent center according to a defined protocol. This allows only to compare gliders but not much more.

We made the decision to only certify the gliders that need to be used by schools or commercial pilots(tandems). In doing so, we assume 100% of the responsibility of our products and to whom we dedicate them to.

All gliders go through a rigorous test protocol, at various weight, including all “EN” maneuvers. We test them in all conditions, pushing them as hard as possible to get a real understanding of their safety.

We also publish video clips of some “EN-type” maneuvers to give pilots an idea of how they perform.

Since the beginning, we wanted to avoid being forced sell gliders for high profit. That might sound a bit silly from a company selling products, but that’s for us the key to an honest and fair business.

Prices are only high enough to keep the company healthy and able to keep moving forward. We push to keep our retail price respected in order to keep the second hand market high.

The company itself is small and highly optimized. This allows us to spend more time in the air flying and testing, and of course looking after pilots requests.

LittleCloud is not just a brand, it’s a family of special pilots all over the world, sharing the “fly happy” lifestyle!

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