At LittleCloud, we only use premium quality materials.

Our gliders are produced mostly with Dominico Tex fabrics, and for some parts we also use Porcher/NCV fabrics.

The bridle are made out of Edlerid line (Sheathed Kelvar and Dyneema) or Liros (unsheathed dyneema).

Our Gliders are produced in Sri Lanka where established a great cooperation there since 2013.
They produce gliders since several decades for some of the most established companies of this paragliding world.
Their skills, experience and knowledge are  key in the quality of our gliders.

Each glider is inspected, measured before being shipped to our office in France.

A control sheet is supplied with each glider.
On a regular base, here at the office, we randomly pickup some wings to check conformity (and we never managed to get one wrong thing out of this check).

The very low after-sale event rate we have to deal with is showing that we are standing very high on the quality side!

Dominico 30D hard or Porcher 27 or 32 hard

Dominico 30D hard or Porcher 27/32 hard

Edelrid or liros

Dominico 10D or 20D