History of LittleCloud

All started back in 2008 when Tom, kite designer at this time did his first flights.

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Unhappy with his big glider, flying a rather strong and windy place and feeling extremely uncomfortable, he decided to use his kite experience to design a glider that will suit him better.

After only 15 flights under his Mojo L, He started developing gliders between paraglider and speedwings: the first Spiruline was born.

There was then no intention to sell them… the only goal for Tom was to enjoy flying!
Hiking up the hill and flying down, soaring on his local spots…
Pilots interest got higher and higher after some of them got under these new gliders.

The company was establish in march 2009. The success was immediate!
As you can imagine, this totally new approach of flying wasn’t approved by everyone!…

“It’s too dangerous to fly with such small gliders”, “this is irresponsible to sell to the public these kind of wings”, “It is totally wrong to teach pilots to fly with these machines”…and so on!

People tend to get scare of what they don’t know, this is human…
Certification wasn’t an option at the time, not really adapted to these new types of wings.

Because of this, we had no other choice than being 100% unattackable on the safety!

We started to show videos of the behaviour of our wings under some EN tests manoeuvres…Which we still do actually!

It is fair to say now that LittleCloud democratized the possibilities of flying with very small gliders!

Tom has since day one realized that design, development, innovations could only be done by experimenting.

Prototyping as always been a large part of LittleCloud spending, building up to 40 protos per year.

Quite few innovations were implemented on our gliders and are common on the market today:

No stabi line for stability, simple rod for high pressure profile, massive pitch stability, high arc gliders, contained aspect ratio…

After more than a decade of existence, LittleCloud stand still, with a complete range of gliders that allows any pilots to fly his style (except Accro)!

Rigor applied where it needs to be, but without taking us too seriously, LittleCloud is a company providing a lot of fun all over the world.